Web Hosting and Support

Our web design company also provides web hosting services. Our web hosting is secure, reliable, and proudly provides 24/7 support. We offer packages that meet your business needs.

Website Support: While all our websites are designed for you to be able to manage them on your own, we understand that this can be time-consuming and difficult. We offer continual web support and website maintenance.

How Website Hosting Support Works:
We typically begin by auditing our clients’ websites or applications, this helps to assess the challenges or opportunities associated with these websites. Following the audit, Kumberland Inc will present a plan for maintenance and support. Our team will then go to work addressing issues of repairs as well as implement improvements to your site.

UPGRADE FEATURES WHEN NEEDED: over time, your company’s goals and visions might change. We want your website to change along with you and will be happy to work with you to achieve these upgrades.

CRITICAL SECURITY UPDATES: If there is a security flaw in the CMS’ code, then that could leave your network vulnerable to security breaches. This can expose customers’ data on any of your networks to a security attack. For these reasons, it’s crucial to stay on top of the security updates that are pushed out. If you do not, then your network might fall behind.

With our regular maintenance service, our dedicated team of IT professionals will stay on top of these features for you. We are here to support you if your network falls victim to a malicious online attack.

CLEAN UP APPLICATIONS: We often help by cleaning up the code of messy applications or extending their capabilities. We can audit and assess technology to determine the best course of action.

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