BPO Solutions

Kumberland provide experienced business development, bookkeeping, and technical support experts. We will work in conjunction with your business supplying needed expertise that drives B2B sales, customer satisfaction as well as accounting functions.

As a company, we embrace the business philosophy of “exceeding clients’ expectations”. Our approach is to first understand your organization, goals, pain points, and requirements. Working in collaboration with your team we provide right-fit solutions and ensure the complete resources of Kumberland Inc are geared towards fulfilling your project requirements.

Our flexible partnership arrangements provide our clients with peace of mind and assurance that our trusted teams are working in sync to achieve your business goals. We want you to feel confident and empowered to focus your internal resources on areas of your business where you will be most impactful.

BPO Services offered:

  1. Generate Quality Leads:
    We Generate qualified leads on your company’s behalf enabling quick sales close. Our transparent reporting allows your organization visibility of work performed as well as opportunity for script and coaching input
  2. Appointment Setting:
    Our representatives assist with verifying decision makers and scheduling appointments on behalf of your sales team. We also offer extended services relating to sales including sales presentations, Managing existing business accounts ensuring client’s satisfaction and upselling new services
  3. IT Support:
    Our team of IT Specialists has wide ranging expertise and is ready to complement your team though supporting your technology needs
  4. Bookkeeping and data entry:
    Do you require qualified cost-effective Accounting or Bookkeeping resources? Working independent but in collaboration with your organizations our qualified team will provide required accounting and bookkeeping skillsets.

BPO Services Are Delivered By:

  1. Cold Call – Leads generation, Book appointments
    Our team views or jobs as building relationships on our clients’ behalf. No matter your industry our team will adjust their messaging to meet your requirements.
  2. Live Chats – We will generate leads, Provide proactive sales chat, and Customer after sales support.

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