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- Claude Powell

Chief Executive Officer

Claude is the CEO and a founding partner who manages the day to day operation of our business. His focus is on developing new businesses for the organization as well as leading the sales team. Claude has over 20 years of sales experience working with global organizations as well as small businesses. His experiences include teaching, supervising, sales business development, account management, being an entrepreneur.

Claude has worked with clients in different verticals throughout Canada as well as internationally. He holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and Management from Middlesex University, Grad Diploma from Chartered Institute of Marketing as well as other certifications.

- Karlene McLoed

Chief Operations Officer

Karlene is the person who ensures the business operations are run like a well-oiled machine. She is responsible for ensuring effective coordination of all elements of the business operations as well as the different teams. She is constantly looking for new and improved ways of doing things and our change agent.

Karlene has international experiences living and working in different countries. She holds a BSc in Business from Northern Caribbean University. She is the person who is responsible for coordinating business operations in the Caribbean.

- Janice West

Chief Revenue Officer

Janice has been a member of the team since 2018 and is the CRO. She oversees all revenue generating aspects of the business including Sales and Customer Success. She is also focused on developing partnerships in the USA Before joining Janice has owned and operated several businesses in the USA and the Caribbean. She ventured into business while practicing Nursing in the USA. She is driven enthusiastic, with a never say never attitude and brings a lot of experience to her role and the team. Janice holds a BSs in Nursing from University of Michigan. She is also currently pursuing an advanced degree.